NS ​​Boats was created by a group of three young people, who share the same passion and the same love for the sea and the place where they were born and raised.

The mission of our company is to provide you with safe and navigable boats for leisure, while offering the highest level of service and support, covering all your needs and preferences.

The many years of our experience in the field of maritime tourism, made us evolve and create in 2020 the NS BOATS. 

We are expecting you!

Numerous fleet

Our fleet consists of 6 boats with different mechanical characteristics, dynamics and capacity, to choose the one that serves you.

Possibility to rent

Nsboats allows you to rent your own boat, without a captain, if you have a boat driver's license.

Unique routes

By choosing one of our available cruises, you can admire unique beaches and learn the history of the place.

Experienced staff

Our team consists of experienced guides and staff who will serve you.