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Undoubtedly the most famous beach of Messinia and one of the most beautiful in all of Greece. This natural bay of unique beauty, with its white sand and calm turquoise waters, impresses the visitor.


South of Methoni and at a very short distance is Sapienza. It belongs to the complex of Messinian Oinousses. In front of it, there is a creek called Ammos. On its south side, you will find the large stone lighthouse, 8 meters high. The lighthouse was built in 1885 by order of the Queen of England, Victoria.


Vourlia beach is a small cove with white sand and turquoise waters. It is located on the island of “Proti” opposite Marathoupolis. On this beach, at a very shallow depth, is the wreck of the ship Anuar which was bombed during World War II. 


At the end of Divari beach, is the Strait of Sykia, a small opening 150 meters long, which separates the island of Sfaktiria from the coastline of Gialova. At the northern end of Sfaktiria island, there is a small strip of sandy shore, with shallow turquoise waters.


It is one of the most beautiful and largest beaches of Messinia, with fine golden sand and crystal clear waters. Nearby is the lagoon of Gialova, one of the most important wetlands in Greece, which is a refuge for many species of rare migratory birds.  Divari beach and the lagoon have been designated as a special protection zone and are part of the Natura 2000 network.


In the middle of the bay of Navarino is the island “Helonaki”. It is only 172 meters long. Here you can visit the monument of the English fallen of the naval battle of Navarino that took place on October 20, 1827.


At the southwestern end of the bay of Navarino is a small island fifty meters high with magnificent views.

The ascent to it is done with 135 steps. At the top dominates the monument of the French, a marble column erected there in 1890, in honor of the French victims of the naval battle of Navarino.


The Russian monument is located in Sfaktiria, a rocky island four kilometers long, which embraces the port of Pylos and makes it one of the safest berths in the Mediterranean. In the middle of the island is a concrete pier and there among the trees, is the monument to the Russians, who lost their lives in the naval battle of Navarino on October 20, 1827.


Methoni is a beautiful coastal village 15 nautical miles from Pylos. It impresses the visitor with its imposing Venetian castle, which is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The beach of Methoni is sandy, while there is a pier where boats can moor.

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Finikounda is a small seaside village with stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that attracts many visitors. It has a small pier where boats can moor and above the beach you will find a plethora of cafes and taverns.

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