Polyester boat / 5m / 6 persons / 30hp / four stroke
Low season: 120 € High season: 130 €


Polyester boat / 5m / 6 persons/ 30hp / two stroke
Full Day Low season: 100 € High season: 110 €
Half Day Low season: 60 € High season: 70 €


Polyester boat / 4,55m / 4 persons / 30hp / four stroke
Low season: 130 € High season: 140 €


Polyester boat / 4,70m / 5 persons / 30hp / two stroke
Full Day Low season: 100 € High season: 110 €
Half Day Low season: 60 € High season: 70 €

ELIAS 1 & 2

Polyester boats / 4,90m /6 persons/ 30hp / four stroke
Low season: 140 € High season: 150 €


Rib boat / 6,60m / 8 persons 200hp / four stroke
Low season: 400 € High season: 420 €

Low season: from 01/05 to 10/07 and from 01/09 to 30/10.
High season: from 11/07 to 02/09.

• The above prices do not include the cost of the fuels.
• Only PYLOS 10 and PYLOS 2 boats can be booked for half a day.
• Full day is from 10:00 to 19:00 and half day is from 10:00-14:00 & from 15:00 to 19:00. 


4 Hour Cruises (cruises 1 & 2): 650 €

10:00-14:00 & 15:00-19:00

6 Hour Cruise (cruise 3): 980 €

6 Hour Cruise (number 3): 980 €

Sunset Cruise (cruise 4): 450 €

The prices for our cruises include fuels, skipper, escort (if available), fruits and beverages.
Boat Archon is not available without skipper, except special cases of long term reservations (above 3 days) and for persons highly experienced.

Terms & Conditions

• Rentals start at 10:00 in the morning and the return is at the latest at 19:00 in the afternoon.
• We deliver and pick up your boat with a full tank of fuel and its cost is borne exclusively by the renter.
• All boats are equipped with the legally required safety equipment.
• The vessel mentioned in the charter certificate is covered by civil liability insurance.
• In the event that damage is caused to the vessel due to the fault of the charterer, the charterer of the vessel is responsible for the damage and must cover the entire cost of the damage.
• It is illegal to approach organized public beaches at a distance of less than 500 meters.
• Maps are provided during the mandatory update along with navigation limits.
• It is illegal for the boat operator to consume alcohol.
• The lessee is responsible for any fines incurred by such activities.


According to the regulations, a valid passport or ID is required to rent a boat, a driver’s license or credit card is not accepted as a form of identification.
All reservations can be made either by phone, internet or in person. The confirmation is sent one day before the rental after consulting the local weather reports.
When booking, please specify the number and age of people and if you have previous boating experiences.

Cancellation Policy

Weather Policy
If we cancel a rental due to bad weather conditions, we give our customers the option to
reschedule their trip. If a trip cannot be rescheduled for any reason , a full refund will be made.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy
1) 15 days prior to your reservation you may cancel and receive a full refund, minus a 15 €
processing fee.
2) 14-7 days prior to your reservation you may reschedule within 30 days, minus a 15 €
processing fee, but will not receive a refund. If you fail to reschedule within those 30 days, we
will not offer a refund.
3) 6-0 days prior to your reservation you may not reschedule or receive a refund.
We only accept cancellations via email: